Sydney Lyric Theatre, Sydney
Even Australian Idol Paulini’s stellar voice can’t rescue this musical, which turns the Whitney Houston film into a glitzy but baffling spectacle for the stage

There’s a moment in The Bodyguard when even the most sceptical of romantics might swoon. In the midst of dangerous chaos unleashed during a concert, security man Frank Farmer – the strong, silent type fond of weighty stares – rescues pop star Rachel Marron. Sweeping her in his arms, he carries her to safety – and into his heart.

It was a classic scene in the 1992 blockbuster movie starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Not so in this remake for the stage, conceived in London’s West End and now playing in Sydney with an Australian cast. Frank’s rescue is more effete than Herculean and the danger facing Rachel is so flaccid I missed it entirely. No amount of strobe lighting can save what must be this musical’s Big Moment.

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