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Meghan Markle visits a community radio station and meets staff on a magazine collective, in response to their invitation. She provides both with masses of invaluable publicity and, it appears, generates a great deal of pleasure. But, oh dear me, the magazine’s deputy editor, Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, a republican, feels compromised at shaking Meghan’s soon-to-be royal hand (Black women are rooting for Meghan Markle, G2, 11 January). There’s a term for what you feel, Charlie: it’s called having your cake and eating it.
Lesley Kant

• So good to read that Apple Europe has “agreed” to pay its tax bill (Apple Europe agrees to pay £137m extra tax, 11 January). And there was me thinking it was compulsory. I don’t recall HMRC asking me whether I was agreeable to paying mine this year, but maybe next time?
Gerry Wyld

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