Remainers must now prepare themselves for the fight of their lives – and show that a fairer and more democratic Britain within the EU is possible

For all of his many faults, Nigel Farage has shown himself, in the course of his 20 years as a professional politician, to have some insight into the mood of the British public. It pains me to concede it but he has shown that instinct for populism again today by calling for a second referendum. Of course, Farage believes that a second vote will vindicate him and his hard Brexit comrades. He is asking not for a plebiscite so much as some sort of reckoning, with violent language to boot (he said: “I think that if we had a second referendum on EU membership we would kill it off for a generation”). But the underlying argument he makes is essentially correct – Brexit is not a done deal, the future is still up for grabs and the debate about Britain’s place in the world continues.

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